Hubby bought us some marimo babies when groupon was having an offer for them. 4 nano sized marimo.

After waiting for 1 week plus, it was finally courrier to me. It was send to us without water in a little snap-lock bag. Those poor things were a little squashed. I rolled them in my palm and drop them into a bowl of water.

Marimo is literally translated as seaweed ball. They are known as lake ball. A type of algae which grow about 5 mm each year into a large green balls. Found in countries like Iceland, Scotland, Estonia and Japan (according to wiki). I know it’s very popular in Hokaido, Japan. They even have a musuem for marimo ! Interesting.

They are suppose to be easy to care for. No need to feed (lucky for us – or the poor thing might starve to death). Only need to change water every 1 – 2 weeks. add a little salt if they look sick.

Let’s hope hub and me will be able to keep these little thing for many years to come. We read that they could live up to 200 years old ! Hub loves the idea that he could draft little marimos into his will for his ‘future children’. hahaha.. sigh. my hub is weird. ;p

We named our little babies

Momo 1, 2, 3 and 4 << hahahaa.. yes – we have no imagination. ;p