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As you turn older, big parties no longer holds as much appeals as when one was in the younger years (before the BIG 3-0). I even took the reminder off facebook. Initially, I thought I would suffer a withdrawal symptom of not getting the attention during my birthday but surprisingly, I enjoyed it.

I think the best part is receiving birthday wishes from a few good friends and it touched me that they remember!!! Thank you to those good friends of mine. 

As this is my 100th post, I thought I will use it to thank these friends.

To Ms. W, thank you for the dinner at Reunion. I love your determination in life and you always help motivate me when I have no fighting energy. Your constant laughter always puts a smile on my face. It has been a great journey having a friend like you by my side. Thanks. 

** Reunion : no pictures took as we were too hungry :p It is a simple chinese restaurant in Bangsar Village 2. Famous for it’s hokkien mee. Loved the special house tofu we ordered. One of the few restaurant which has ‘wah-wah’ vege in their menu. Love their starter cucumber munchy.

To Mr. S, thanks for the amazing experience in Busaba Heavenly Thai. (and Ms.J for taking time to celebrate with me). Thank you for being a friend who is always watching over me. Thank you for being person who cares about my health (since I love eating so much) and yet still be around when I am sick (car-sick / drunk << hehhee). A great friend who treasures friendship (and now my hubby’s too) and will go all out to help a friend in need. Thanks.

** Busaba @ BSC : Pictures of food we ordered in Busaba. Authentic thai food with little touches of modern twist. Great service and ambience. Only comment is that I don’t like how they pick up bones and waste left in my plate with a tong which they use to pick up every elses plate in the whole restaurant. And I was still eating from the same plate. tsk tsk.. big no no for that. But overall, food was really yummy and company was great **


To Ms. L, thank you for the beautiful one-to-one dinner at Le Midi. It was really nice to have a romantic dinner with you and just chat about everything under the sun. You are someone who has such kind heart and soul, someone who is always ready to forgive and understand. It is very humbling to have a real good friend like you. Someone who is always there to support me, hug me when I cry, jump with joy with me when I am happy all these years. Hugz.

** Le Midi @ BSC : posh little european styled restaurant. Service was excellent and attentive without being obtrusive. The soup (seafood / lobster something) was really good. thumbs up ! The escargot and duck confit was so-so. The seafood linguini was yummy. When the staff saw me opening present from Ms. L, they quickly arrange for a small tiramisu cake for me. Wow… talk about being attentive to detail. 2 thumbs up ! I love restaurant with great service. Will definitely make my way back here again **

To Ms. Mon and Ms. SL who I have yet to meet up for dinner. Thanks in advance !!! Can’t wait to catch up with you guys.

And to all those lovely friends who send me wishes and hugz (you know who you are), thanks !!! I really thank God for blessing me with all these amazing souls who calls me their friend. It is a great honour and I only hope I have been a great friend to you all too. Is has been a really quiet birthday this year but one which was filled with love, laughter and warm fuzzy feeling. Thanks again !