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After a nice scrumptious double date buffet dinner at Sahara Tent (middle-eastern restaurant near Bukit Bintang Area, Kuala Lumpur) with my best mate from childhood (Kero-Pi), we were mulling over what we should do next. It was a toast between no black tie and movies.

 Movie @ Pavilion won.

Looking at the movie listing, there doesn’t seem like there was much good choice available. Kero-Pi was excited about Final Destination in 3D, but, Chulet put her foot down. NO HORROR please!!! Finally, we decided on the Gamer (highly praised by Chulet’s baby brother.  

Movie started with tons of shooting and running around. Reminds me of the game Counter-strike, le sigh.. (I can never sit and play for more than 15mins – motion sickness)

Had a bad sinking feeling that I will be quite sick after the movie. Thankfully, the scenes after that are no so bad.

The movie basically tells a story about a world where humans have total control over certain humans. These humans who are being controlled are either convicts or desperate people needing a job to pay for food on table. For the convicts, they are placed in a game call ‘the Slayer’ whereas the latter in ‘the society’.

I am not sure which is worst.


The Slayer where buy the convicts to play you as an soldier and when the screen flashes game over, it literally means that the guy whom you were controlling get blown into smithereens.  


In Society, you control someone to act out all the lustful perversion acts which you might not dare to do in the real world or you might not be able to do it (due to some physical deformation).

WHO gave these people the right to play GOD?

Even God gave us all Free-Will.