Chulet’s hand-me-down BMW went beserk… AGAIN !!

The air-con blower continues blowing (At the MAX volume) even after I switch off the engine. It’s weird to see the car still blowing air-condition even after the engine is off…

And no, this is NOT the first time !!

The first time was crazy. I didn’t know what was going on and tried calling the service centre. Unfortunately, since it is a piblic holiday, their technician won’t be making their waaaay out to help you. So, the best they did was to transfer me to their ‘mobile’ technician, I was asked to look for a FUSE box inside the car. O__O

wat?!! there’s a fuse box in the car.. wooOOo.  so high-tech. Anyway, the guy ask me to try locating the fuse box behind the glove compartment. Couldn’t see any fuse box. 

Next? The guy say it’s very hard to explain and ask me if my husband / brother / a guy is with me.

WT #$#@?? !!! Hey, i resent that !!!! ARGHHhh..

You mean, a GIRL can’t understand instruction?!! HRUMPhh.. 

Anyway, I grudgingly surrender my hp to my bf.

(FINE !! I probably won’t understand but I still think it’s not fair… I am pretty sure that some girls out there would be able to understand all these car-talks very well)

ANYWAY, after seeing my bf did it once, Chulet can do it now. 🙂

So, this is the 3rd time it has happen and Chulet is tired of trying to unplug and plug and unplug the fuse. MEHh.. So, Chulet decided it is high time this car gets a service. (Not to mentioned the Due Service light has been blinking non-stop for some days now. hehehe…

And the damage is?? I don’t know.

The service centre is fully book till next week.. So, wait wait wait..