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Day 3

The trip to Munich took about 3 hours from our hotel. For someone like me, who gets motion sickness, it was suffering.

I took 2 novomin and proceed to sleep for the whole trip. Woke up and found that we arrived into Munich, which is the capital city of upper Bavaria

(Bavaria is also one of the largest federal state in Germany).

We hop off our bus and took a short walk to our first sto, Marienplatz (central square).Marian column

Famous for the Marian column – golden Virgin Mary status to celebrate the end of Swedish occupation (Thirty Years’ war)

And also,


The  Glockenspiel (set of bells – in German) which is right outside the new city hall.

Many tourists flocks around the Marienplatz just to watch the little statues coming to life.

As far as I know, the time for viewing this are at 11am, 1pm and 5pm. But I was also told that it moves at   every hour. I was there at 5pm. So, I got to watch it.

Amazingly, the sound travels quite well and clear since I could hear it very well even with the large noisy crowd there.

Took our time walking around this area.

Couldn’t resist talking a picture of Chu-Let’s friend. Look at his post ! So stylish eh… ;o) dsc058511

Had dinner at the Hofbrauhaus (Beer House) – The crowd was crazily enjoying themselves.

Singing, Dancing, eating and Drinking away.

When you order your beer – be prepare for a 1 litre Mug !! You are suppose to hold the Mug with one hand when you drink it.

Beer House

I was also told by a local that there’s a LAW in Bavaria that company must supply their staff with beers or the company can actually be sued !! WOW … Beer lovers out there…. you know where you need to be looking for your jobs !