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beach I know I should be writting about my Day 2, but, I am so excited to share this. So, I am going to skip ahead…

Yay, after days and days of cold days and snow, I am in Juan les Pins now. It is very near to Nice and Cannes. So, it is Hot HOt HOT !! unfortunately for me, ;o( today, it is raining when I arrive. So, it is slightly cold. But still nice.

I manage to do a little of beach trekking today. Walked for miles along the beach. It was lovely.

As most of you know, Cote d’Azur is famous for their coast / French Riviera.


While strollin’ along the beach, I found many funny egg-ish thingy scattered about. It is really weird as it reminds me alot of ‘Rambutan’ (hairy red skinned fruit found typically in tropic country)

But another thing which this Provençal is quite famous for is the perfumery.

Gasse which is slightly north from where I am now, is famous for its perfume since the end of the 18th century. As you can find from wiki, it is also known as the world’s perfume capital ! The provocal name ? Provençal Occitan

Ahh.. most of you would find Occitan familiar eh? YEs – it is none other than the currently favourite brand of mine L’occitane. While shopping around for the honey n lemon delightful cream for my friend (as this is not available in Kuala Lumpur – not sure why? ), I was shown to try out their new range. Peach Blossom .. It was absoulute delicious !!! So yummmy… hehehe.. ;oP

L'occitane Peach Blossom

It will be day-light saving at around 2am tomorrow (29th March) and with one hour advance to 3am (meh – I lose one hour of sleep).

I can’t wait for tomorrow hoping to be able to catch some SUN !!

Wish me luck ;o)