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Chulet finally found some quiet time and manage to sort the pictures for her Germany trip.

So, for the first part, I will start from the begining…

DAY  1 :

Plane got delay last night from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport due to some ‘technical problem’ or .. was it run way problem.. anyway, there was problem, so, the flight was push back about 30mins.chulet in Airport

Luckily, the flight was only half-full. This means that I get to scout around for empty seats and manage to get two seats all to myself. Manage to get 4 pillows !! and 2 blankets too. hehehe.. anyway, it was a great trip as I manage to get abit of shut-eyes.

Arrived into Frankfurt and waited for almost 40 mins for our luggage !!

After that we waited for the bus take us to Heidelberg for short city tour .. During the guided tour (which was in Mandarin so, I didn’t really catch much since my mandarin is not that good), I learned that heidelberg is also a sort of University town as it is mainly revolve around the University. Since we were there during the university holiday season, the streets are pretty empty and quiet.  

The Oldest Hotel in town




 The JAIL The amazing part is this university actually have their very own JAIL !!

Suprised? I am. As you can see from this picture, the top floor has window barred and closed up. As explained, the jail term is usually between 24 hours – 48 hours (OR was it 2 – 3 weeks ??! ** sorry for any wrong information provided as I couldn’t really catch the words from my guide very well ;oP ) The guide also say that if any student was  caught outside the university for any criminal offense, the police will actually HAVE to surrender the student over to the university to issue the”proper” punishment !! O__o

Due to the ‘novelty’ of the jail thingy, most student actually consider themselve as not a TRUE university student of Heidelberg unless they have spend some jail-time in the whole of their study term there..  ;oP (talk about peer pressure )

Random Building Picture


Random Building around Heildelberg.

(So romantic looking, ya ?! )



The tour ended with the introduction to the baboon on the bridge.

baboon on bridge

There was a long explaination given by the guide for the baboon on bridge. But, I didn’t understand what was said. So, not able to give any further information here.

Only that the baboon holds a mirror on it’s left hand, there’s also a ring on it’s left feet (suppose to be telling the world that it is faithful to it’s lover. And btw, It is a guy. (not sure why – but the guide say it is a guy)

Everyone keep stickin’ their head inside the baboon’s head (it is an empty shell – sort of like helmet amour -type you see during the roman emprire period) to take picture with the baboon.

After the tour ended, we headed to a restaurant nearby for lunch.

Apple Strudel

I had dessert for my main course. heheheh… Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream. Yumm..

The Vanilla ice cream was soooo.. GOOOD !



After lunch, we left Heidelberg for Glatt (where our hotel is for the night)

Stay tune for Day 2 ….

Spoiler : METZINGEN !! – Shopping TOWN !! ;oP