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The worst thing to happen when you are travelling is to fall sick (it is even worst if it is on business).When all you wish to do is to stay in the hotel room and sleep but you know that you will need to drag yourself out and put on the smile to meet your clients.

So, bringing along some medication is very important when you are travelling. Not to mention, some of the medication might not be available in other country or the packing / language is different !! I remember once I was required to go on a emergency trip to Thailand and I didn’t have time to re-stock my medication. It took me 2 hours to finally get the medicine I needed from the Pharma there !!!


So, what do I usually bring whenever I travel?

1) SMECTA – this comes in little sachet of 3,76g white powder which you usually mix with like half a cup of room temperaure water.  This medication is from France. You can easily get it from any pharmacy (Watson, Guardian, Caring.. etc) I think it usually cost between RM 1.80 – RM 2 (not sure if the price is still same)

Purpose : tummy pain, gas, chronic diarrhea… *_*

** This is a MUST packed item especially if you are travelling to a place where food hygiene is questionable…

Some people don’t really like the taste of the powdery milk-ish solution of SMECTA (wish they make it in different flavor – chocolate will be nice or stawberry). For those of you who don’t really like the taste, try BASCOPAN. Usually, when it gets really bad, I just take both SMECTA and BASCOPAN together.


2) Clarinase / Clarintyne – pills that usually comes in stripped of 10 ? This is especially important if you are not use to cold weather or SPRING time !! (Not very attractive to give a speech and start blowing your nose now and then ;oP)

Purpose : Runny nose, cold, sniffles.


3) Antacid  – pill form / milky solution form

Many times when you are travelling for business, the eating time gets a little out of hand. Unfortunately for me, gastric gets quite bad whenever I don’t eat on time.

Purpose : Gastric.

Another trick is to always keep some dry food in your bag for such emergency. Just sneak out for a quick toilet-break and steal a bite or two. ;o)


4) PAIN-killer – panadol / aspririn / panadine..

Purpose : PAIN-KILLLER !!! I get headache whenever the heat is too much. :o(


5) Vitamins / suppliments which you normally take

Personally, chulet is NOT a fan of taking vitamins (perfer to get ’em straight from the natural source . heehee.. )


Please note that medication above are just what Chulet brings along with her. She has also consult her doctor about the suitability of these medicine for her

Kindly consult the doctor if you might have allergy to those medication above !!!!!