While catching up with my gfs lately, I was shocked to learn that most of my other gfs know what is going on with each other’s life. I know for a fact that they are not seeing each other more as we are all busy running around busy with our own life.

Until my bgf whack me on my hand and poutingly (not even sure if this word exist) accuse me of not reading her blog. Whooa.. I didn’t even knew she had a blog. O__o
Anyway, chulet has been good and read about her blog nowadays from time to time.

Lately, chulet note that she has been keeping to herself and losing touch with most of her friends. BF comfort me that maybe I should start my own blog.

What??! My own blog? What should I blog about? I am not a blogger. My english is not even good.

Yes – one friend in particular always remind me this. So, to all those grammar-police out there. I am sorry if I have offended you. This was not the intention. My BF initially suggested that I should start a blog about the interesting words I fashion out from the air.

Hey .. it is not like it is my fault if I am creative and think up of new words to describe what I want to say.. 😛
So, this is it.. I will TRY to start my blog. That way, I can keep my friends informed about my lack-of-activities. Yes.. I am who I am. Chulet. Majority of my time is for Sleeping, Eating and Shopping. BF is always amaze how I can manage a 5-6 hours shopping trip while I am always on the verge of passing out on a 15 minutes walk around the park. 😛

And I have no clue what to talk about next. So… I’ll finish it here and see what inspire me next.

For now, I am just happy I manage to fiddle around this wordpress thingy (BF proposed a few other blog-site but found this to be the easiest to use !)