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The first thing that came to my mind when hub told me we are heading to Westin Siray Bay Resort and Spa in Phuket was the Westin famed heavenly bed ! Having heard so much good reviews about this ‘heavenly’ bed, I was lusting to sink my body into it and roll around under the blanket.

Yes – I am crazy, mind me. Hehehe.. the thing is, for those who know me well, I LOVE anything to do with bed. From mattress, bedsheets to pillows, I love em all.

Hub thinks I am crazy when I droll over 600 thread counts Egyptian cotton bedsheets or when I sigh in bliss when I sink my head into a 100% goosedown pillow. I can’t help it – like a Shopaholic who can’t stop shopping, I guess I am a bedaholic !


Anyway, back to the Westin heavenly bed.

Once we were let into our room, I hover over the bed getting ready to jump in until hubs remind me to take a nice picture of it first before messing it up so that I could put up on my blog later. Hehehe.. so, thanks to him, here’s a few pictures of how the bed look. I was a little disappointed that the bed didn’t come in the 10 layers as advertise in their website. Perhaps it was because we are in a hot tropic climate, hence, 2 layers of the blanket and deco sheet was not included.

Tracing my fingers across the linen, it felt like a 200 – 250 thread count, pressing down on the mattress I could feel the never ending layers of softness. Oh no… my heart sinks. I hope they didn’t call it a heavenly bed literally because it feels like you are sleeping on clouds. I gently climb into the bed and was super disappointed that the bed sink so much it doesn’t provide any support. Considering I am quite heavy, the bed sinks more. I know many fans out there who love the Westin heavenly bed to pieces, but, for me, it was not heavenly at all. This is the bed where when you first sleep on it feels really good but always wakes up with a backache. After the 3rd night, hub and I was already suffering backaches. Sigh…

Mattresses are really subjective and I guess there no such thing as one size fits all. In this case, hub and I definitely prefer that our mattress is a little more firm and supported.

Currently, for my bed mattress we got the slumberland Tempcool. To achieve the soft cloudish feeling, I layer my bed with mattress protector and top it off with gorgeous bedlinens of 300 or more thread counts, 3 fluffy pillows (2 x 100% duck down and 1 x 100% goosedown) cover with 100% silk blanket. When we come back from our little getaway and sleep on our bed, I was happy was I was sleeping on Chulet’s heavenly bed. 😉