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I read heaps of reviews on this ‘fine-dining’ restaurant nestled inside the Breidenbacher Hof Hotel, closed to the old-town (altstadt). What attracted me to this restaurant is that the Manager at Brasserie 1806 replies reviews people posted on Trip Adviser and make effort to improve (thumbs up for that).

Hence, during our recent trip to Dusseldorf, we decided to head over to this brasserie for lunch. Aside from their normal menu, they also serve plat du jour – Very typical French style (I like!!!). Hubby decided to try their Goose menu.

Goose Menu

While waiting for our food, I took the moment to enjoy the beautiful view outside the window and also the majestic ambiance inside. This restaurant overlooks the old town and you can see that they are setting up for the Christmas market! (OOO… I LOVE Germany’s Christmas market).

Beautiful view

The bread served inside a seal paper package. When the waitress unwrap it, the smell of warm bread and thyme spread all around us. Yum yum… We were both quite impress.


We were served our soup shortly after.

Chicken broth

I was prepared for it to be a tad salty (from experience, food in Germany tends to lean towards the salty side).

BUT, we were not prepared for it to taste of ONLY salt. Mine tasted nothing like chicken broth.

Consomme with geese dumplingHubby’s consommé was worse. It was so salty he left the whole bowl untouched after 3 spoonfuls. He say it was like drinking sea-water ! hahaha. It was TRUELY a horrific experience. I had NEVER had such salty soup in my life ! and to have it in a ‘fine-dining’ restaurant is seriously unacceptable.




When the main course was placed before me, I actually hesitated. Normally, I would have dig straight in. Thankfully, the venison veal goulash was an acceptable salty level. The sauce was pretty good. The choice of cut for the meat was a little tough in my opinion. It would also be better to have more vegetable in it (chunks of carrots, onion and tomatoes would have add extra texture to the dish).

venison veal goulash

Hubby enjoyed his goose leg. The meat was tender and skin crispy. Overall, the main was slightly above average but nothing spectacular. And, considering the ‘fine-dining’ tag this place is attached to, I’ll say it’s a tad disappointing.

Goose Breast and Leg

Dessert time! I was really looking forward to dessert time as my menu allows me to select from their dessert trolley ! yay!!! I took my time looking thru the whole trolley. My tummy told me to take everything on the trolley. But, my brain only allow me to take 3. Sob sob… I really enjoyed the dessert. The egg custard was really good.

Dessert trolley My Desserts

Hubby’s dessert was pretty good too. The donut was really yummy. The crème bulee was so-so. The sorbet was unique. (hubby is not a fan of cinnamon – so, he was not impressed with it).

Winter Apple Creme Bulee
Truthfully, the food during lunch was not too impressive for us. The presentation for the food was really pretty. But, looks can be deceiving, eh? ;p

The only thing we had really enjoy was the beautiful setting of the restaurant and also the top notch services from the serving team. Perhaps, all the ravings review online was for the dinner. We are not sure. But, from the lunch experience we had, I’m not so tempted to return and try… Oh well.