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Update – 1st Nov 2012 :

Dearest Groupon ppl,

If you are link here because of Groupon’s review, please note that I was not aware that they link my page to their review. Please understand that the review given below is my OWN personal opinion and I got it from a regular shop… Thanks !

My ol ye faithful Sony cybershot camera went crazy after 2 years but it was still useable. So, I didn’t bother to replace it. However, on my recent trip toMelbourne, it went missing and hub and I couldn’t figure out where we left it.

So, for the last few months, I have been snapping pictures with my mobile. It was really frustrating as pictures are not consistent and it is really hard to capture anything without flash at night.

I finally drag myself to a camera shop last Friday to try and replace myself with another camera. My requirements – it must be less than RM 1,000 and must be easy to use. The lady instantly showed me the Samsung PL151 camera. I was a little sceptical since Samsung is not a brand synonym to high quality camera. But with a price of RM 899 (comes with a 4G card, one spare battery and protective screen sticker for the LCD at the back) – how can I refuse this bargain, right? Not to mention, I was quite suckers in when she show me the front LCD.

Since I need to travel a lot (by myself), I am used to taking pictures of myself with the scenery. This gets a little tricky. It’s not easy to get the correct tilt, angle and wondering if you capture everything until after you click away. With this baby, I can adjust it until everything looks good before I click.

So, I bought it. Yay !!!   These pictures here are taken with my mobile. See how blur it is. sigh… I’m looking forward to getting nice pictures so that I could also post them on my blog. ;p