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My current electric kettle went psycho on me a few months back. The kettle doesn’t stop boiling and I almost had a heart attack when I saw water spitting out from the sprout non-stop. After that, I was very caution when I need to boil water. I’ll stand next to the kettle and wait for it to boil. It doesn’t cut off by itself so I’ll need to do it manually. It was quite irritating / dangerous.

And so, begins my hunt for an electric kettle. The selection I’ve seen in Malaysia was not impressive and I was quite shocked by the price too. Some better quality plastic models are asking for RM 100++ and the stainless steel models can get as high as RM 250++. Nothing I’ve seen so far capture my heart… So, I revert back to watching my kettle like a hound when I put it to boil. (It’s the Philip plastic kettle which we have been using for more than 5 years)

During my recent trip to Melbourne (Australia), I decided to browse the options of electric kettle there…(it was not intentional as I was there with my bro to hunt for a TV). I couldn’t resist it from the first moment I saw it sitting on the display shelf in Harvey Norman. It was almost love in first sight. But, I hesitated because of the hefty price tag at AUD 98 (sigh… I can’t justify to myself forking out RM 300+ for a kettle).

When my brother saw me salivating over the kettle, he told me that he saw a rather similar kettle in Big W (different model same brand) for a lower price. Really?!! Hooray!!! We quickly scramble off to Big W to hunt for the kettle. I was so excited when I see it priced at AUD 68 (about RM200+). Yes – my bro got his TV too. LOL.

Let me introduce my newest toy in the kitchen – the Breville’s Glass kettle. Yes – the body of the kettle is made from glass. How COOL is that?

Tada… look how beautiful it is sitting on my countertop. I was quite worry transporting it back (check it in with my luggage) initially. Thankfully, upon arrival the kettle is still in one piece and it’s working fine… This time round, I was actually lulled to stay back and watch the water boil. It was so fascinating. LOL

Glass Kettle

Note that it is not just any normal glass. It’s Schott DURAN glass !!!

I am a big fan of Schott glass product (love their range of Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass!!! – I’ll reserve that for another blog post one day). Schott has more than 125 years experience specialising in glass. DURAN is the division for the lab devices. So, I was pretty confident the glass should be quite durable (unless you drop it) and able to withstand boiling heat with no effect on the material property.

For more information on this glass kettle, you can find it on Breville’s website (http://www.breville.com.au/glass-kettle.html). Breville is an Australian owned company specialising in Kitchen Appliances.