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I have always wanted to make poached pear but never found the motivation to try. Hence when I saw some really amazing big brown pears in the grocery recently, it was all the push I need. I quickly grab 4 of the biggest and prettiest I can find.

After ransacking online, I found a few recipes which provide great insight on how to poach pear and start preparing my own version. Lol… Luckily, I had quite a few of cheap red wines lying around (for cooking). So, it was without pain that I filled the pot with one bottle. In it, I add 1/2 cup of honey and 2 tbsp of brown sugar. Bring all these to boil and taste it. The sweetness really depends on individual. So, adjust accordingly. I like some tartness in the wine, so, I decided to add in 1 apple which I peel and cubed. Now, it kind of reminds me of Glühwein. (I was super addicted to this at one stage when I was in Germany during Christmas)

Lowered the pears gently into the pot and allow it to simmer for about 2 hours. Rotating the pears from time to time to ensure the color is well-coated all around the pear. After that, I turn the flame high and allow the wine to thicken into almost syrup-like for 1 hour. After that, I took those pears out and allow them to cool down. Then, I use a hand-blender to mash up the apple cubes with the red wine syrup. It was really nice and thick.

Poached Pear 1Poaches Pear 2 Serve it with vanilla ice cream drizzled with the sauce. Absolutely delicious ! yumz…

Drizzle with sauce