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One of my good friends recently return to Malaysia from London and ran a few sessions of her supperclub here. She had run some supperclub sessions in London and it had garnered raving reviews. So, I was really excited to join in the fun.

So, what is supper club? If you Google it, you will see that it refers to underground restaurants.

In order to enjoy this gastronomical experience, you will enter into someone’s home / non-commercial site. It is usually catered for a small group (just like how you would eat at a friend’s place). Hence, usually the chef / host will dictate the date and time and open the slot for booking. Normally, the menu is already per-determine by the chef at the fixed price. The normal way to spread this information is usually through word of mouth of social sites (e.g. facebook).

You will need to keep an open mind about the other guests which you will meet. If you are the type which cannot abide with the thought of table sharing, then, stay away from supper club! Lol…Unless the host kindly offer to set up another table just for you and your guests.

Apart from the amazing array of yummy interesting food you will dine on, I think the best part of attending a supper club is to get to know people whom you usually wouldn’t have cross path with. It’s typically a social networking session for everyone.

For those who are shy, it’s very comfortable too. It is not as intimidating compare to a party, standing around trying to mingle and to join in scattered of groups. Since it’s a lunch/ dinner, this means that your primary reason for attending supperclub is still to eat. You can quietly munch on your food and enjoy the colorful conversation floating all around you. Once you gather enough courage / an interesting topic which you can relate to pops up, you can just join in. So, it is very relax and fun…

For that night, Lyn served us

1a1bDish 1: Camembert cheese with a cream and feta cheese puree, pomegranates and home made onion relish. Side : Cheese Scones.

2Dish 2: Pork Belly Nyonya Curry served on baked wanton skins. (If the pork was serve on a bed of rice, I will happily polish of the whole pot)

3Dish 3: British-German Sausage Rolls served in Puff Pastry. (I love this!!! it was super delicious)

4Palette Cleanser: Starfruit, Mint and Lime Sorbet (very nice and light. Exactly what a palette cleanser is suppose to be. I really like the faint hint of starfruit in this)


5cDish 4: Honey and Maple Syrup Roasted Spare Ribs. Sides : Potatoes Dauphinoise and Roasted Vegetables in a Mustard Marinade

6Dessert: Peanut Butter Cheese Cake, Nangka (Jack-fruit) Ice cream on home made short bread and caramelized apples on puff pastry and Chantilly Cream. (desserts !!! yummm…. but, i was sooo full by then, I opt to tapau my desert. hahaha.. yes, you can tapau if you want)

Good food, interesting conversation and getting to know new people – What a night! We were so well-feed that hub and I skip breakfast the next day. lol. So, if you are tired of deciding where to eat, why not give supperclub a try? It’s definitely more interesting and it’s home-made food using high quality ingredients ! And if you like that particular dish, feel free to ask the chef for a second helping. All these at about RM80/person. Please Feel free to tip the chef / host 😉

**If you are allergic to certain food / don’t take certain food due to personal reasons, remember to let the chef know in advance. (Unlike a restaurant, you can’t expect to order something else from the menu)