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I walked pass this little restaurant many times in the past, but was never tempted to check it out. The bright red deco and outside frame of the restaurant felt a little too pub-like to me. Hence, I pre-judge this little guy and refuse to even look at their menu.

I’m so glad hub and I decided to give this restaurant a try this round. More like an interesting encounter which made us stop right in front of this restaurant, giving me the reason to scan thru their menu. I was instantly hooked. They serve quite a number of interesting traditional French / almost home cook type dishes.

The restaurant was pretty pack even at 6.45pm (which was relatively early for French to start dining). This is surely a good sign. The waitress speaks almost no English but luckily she is happy to help as much as she could and bear with my lousy French. LOL.

Hubby ordered escargot for starter to share. It was so delicious and I was so glad that it was a huge plate pack with escargots (I think there’s easily 2 dozens of escargots on that plate!). The sauce was absolutely fantastic and compliments the escargots really well.Escargot

For mains, hubby ordered duck. He loves the French way of cooking duck. This is the traditional Magret de Canard with apricot sauce. Simple common dish but done really well. The duck meat was pan-fried well, leaving it juicy and tender. It was a very generous portion plate fill with assortment of sides.

Canard à l'Orange As for me, I am in love with my Sole meunière. Such a simple dish of pan frying the sole with butter, and yet, the taste was anything but simple. The texture of the fish combine with the butter almost has a melt-like quality once in your mouth.

Sole meunièreEach bite is almost as amazing as the first, making me want to savor each bite slowly and making the meal last forever. Now, I truly understand why French takes 3-4 hours for dinner. When you have food this good, who would want their dinner to end?!

I would have loved to try their dessert. But, we were super full by then. I can’t wait to come back again to try their other dishes.


Address: 7 Rue Mandajors, 30100 Alès, France
Phone:+33 4 66 52 15 75