Ok ok. I know I don’t exactly sprout fantastic English (being it NOT my first language). But, I still think I speak passable English and at least people understand me !

More and more of my friends are urging me to start a book on words I use / created. bah ! To them it’s really funny and they always have heaps of fun teasing me about it. (Including hub) But, hub told them that he’s so used to it now that he don’t blink an eye anymore. hehehe…

I mean, there are times when you need something to describe what you are feeling and no words seems to be able to bring justification to it. So how? YOU create it !!! don’t that make sense? well- not according to the majority (so claim my hub) bleh. Spoilt sport !!!

Most of these words / phrase comes to me in the spur of the moment. So, I don’t recall most of them anyway. BECAUSE to me – it seems like a valid word ! hrrumpph.. Maybe they should include some of these words of mine. I shall declare it Chulet’s language (which henceforth be dubbed as Chu-words). And this is my Chuletzionary.

so now, whenever I remember any words I use, I’ll add in here.

Phrase of today

“Loyalty / commitment of a flea”

– describing someone who have NO loyalty / commitment at all. Once they find a better host, they’ll jump ship immediately, just like a flea ! (can be use for relationship too)

p.s. I DO remember reading it somewhere or hearing it somewhere. BUT, all my friends and hub insist that they have never hear it before and laughed at me !!! bleh.