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After breakfast, we begin to make our journey out from Penang. Made several stops to load on stocks of Tau Sa Peah and also sesame oil at Ghee Hiang. Made a stop for final cendol at Jalan Penang again (one of our friend tapau assam laksa).

We reached Ipoh (Perak) around 2pm and made a stop for the famous Ipoh bean sprouts chicken at the Restaurant Lou Wong along Jalan Yau Tet Shin.  Hoping that since it is not peak hour it will be easier to find a place to seat. No such luck. It is ALWAYS crowded in this restaurant. I’ve been here many times and is almost always at different time, but, it is still pack with people. There’s a few similar restaurant nearby but they never manage to steal the crowd away.

We ordered Ipoh Tauge (Bean Sprouts). For some reason, the Ipoh’s tauge is always shorter, plumber and crunchier compare to the normal bean sprouts. Because of the freshness, the tauge is just lightly blanched served with soya sauce, sesame oil and pepper.

Even after the heavy breakfast, all of us dive in for the tauge and started mixing it the lou sang way. (Lou Sang – typical Malaysian Chinese custom during Chinese New Year for mixing a special dish).

The smooth juicy chicken is very similar to the Hainanese chicken style. It is boiled and then soaked in ice water to stop the cooking and jellified the fats in between the skin and meat. When you take a bite of the chicken, the meat is so slippery that it slide in with a slurped. Love it…


All of us happily pile back to the car to head for our next food stop. Where should we go next? hmm….