Time really fly by this year. It was just my wedding earlier this year and now it is already at the end of the year. In another month, hub n I will be celebrating our first year anniversary. Wooo… wow…


Looking back, I am really thankful for this year as God has been really nice and kind to me. He took care of me and make sure I stay quite healthy this year (For those who don’t know me well – my family nicknamed me tofu / sickpot ;p hehehe..). 

He help me to manage (time and money) to squeeze in a mini holiday with my family for 2 weeks in Melbourne, 1 week of R&R in Phuket with hubby, weekend food crawl getaway in Penang and 3 days in Kuching with my great and cool friends.


Aside from that, He sprinkled me with blessings here and there on my daily life. Making sure I get to work and home safely, drop in little sunshine when my days are down, help me to get MBSA approval for my new home (faster than I expected), help me to pass the Kuching custom when I lost the little white form, getting jobs for both my younger siblings and many more.

 He also surrounds me with family and friends who constantly love and pamper me. On top of all that, He manages to throw in for me a great hubby!!! (hehehee…)

 Wow – 2011 was great and I really thank God for every beautiful and bad times He gave me. I learn a lot this year and I pray that 2012 will be even more beautiful (I seriously will need it since the renovation of the house begins soon… pray for me too!!!)