Mother-in-law (Mil) would like to test 3 of her son-in-law (sil). How?

One day while walking with her firt sil, she jump into a dangerous river and shout for help. Sil number one quickly jump in and pull her out. She gave her approval and send to the sil a proton (Malaysia national car).
She pull the same stunt with the second sil and again he jump in to safe her. This sil also gets a proton.
Both sil share this with the third sil.

When the mil jumps into the river, the third sil decided that he will not safe her as she’s very troublesome and definitely not worth the proton. So, she drown.
The next morning, he wakes up to find a Ferrari park in the driveway of his home. Upon closer inspection, he found a note stuck onto the windscreen.

Thank you. From your Father-in-law.

I know it’s terrible… But when Mr.F told me this joke, I couldn’t stop laughing. LOL.

Btw, I would have much prefer it told where the father in law drown and the mil send the car. ;p