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Weekend was nightmare.

I was so looking forward to having a relaxing weekend (since it was the only weekend in the whole of July which was not occupy for anything).

Unfortunately, I woke up on Saturday with a bad throbbing. Already my heart sink to the floor. It has been ages since my last migraine and I almost forgotten how bad it can be. Being a migraine sufferer since I was 12, the start of throbbing on one side of my head was nightmare to me. When I was younger, my parents couldn’t understand why my headaches are so severe that I could stay vegetable for 2-3 days. Usually lights hurt, sounds makes the throbbing worst and the smell of food makes me nausea.

In the beginning, I took Panadol to relieve some pain. After some time, it no longer work and my doctor ask me to try Panadeine. When I was studying in Melbourne, the doctors there ask me to take Imigran. Later, my dad brought me to a neurologist in Singapore and the doctor gave me Zomig. Overtime, I have gotten used to carrying zomig with me wherever I go.

It was about 3 years back that my dad got me started in taking pau-sam (american ginseng). The main purpose then was to help me to be healthier. Surprisingly, my migraine episode has also gotten less and less. (the only drawback is when it attack – it can be quite bad)  I suspect it could be because after some time of not having it, my tolerance for the pain has also gone down. So, I really don’t have anyway to measure if it is really much worst. And so begins my journey of taking pau-sam and avoiding any drugs for my migraine. For me, it was already amazing that I can cut down my migraine episode from 1-2 times / month down to once every 6 months. On top of that, I try to avoid sleeping late and eating too much heaty-food.

So, it was almost 8 months since my last migraine and I forgot/ignore to avoid my triggers… and thinking back, it was a while back since I last make the pau-sam soup. I was happily chomping on durians, eating fried chicken, nasi lemak, tons of coffee, and staying up till 3 am for KTV session, and then, German beer was the last straw. The migraine was so bad I was all drained out since Saturday.

On Monday, I try to hold myself together and head to work. Half day later, the migraine is back. sigh.. I finally gave in and went to see my doctor. He comment how I have put on 5kg since Jan 2011 (before my wedding) and ask me what have I been eating. sigh… gluttony is sin, i know. I told my hub it must be food-karma. Anyway, Doc gave me Meloxicam for the migraine.  It seems that I was also having fever… sigh, No wonder I feel so hot even with the air-con on full blast.

Anyway, the medication seems to be working as I can actually start to function today. The throbbing is gone !! thank GOD (i also pray at night for God’s healing) !! I am trying to keep a slower pace on everything. It is usually easy to trigger back if I am not careful. It will be another 3-4 days before I can start functioning like normal again. Sigh…