For those of your who had been reading my blog, you would know that I have just recently return from my 2 weeks holiday with my MIL.

I am proud to announce I have survive the ordeal… So have my MIL (i hope). hhehehee…Unfortunately for her, I ain’t a typical daughter-in-law. And I suspect she’s starting to really see that.  I don’t believe in buttering my words / pretending to be nice and sweet.  This doesn’t mean that I go all out to be nasty. Let’s just say, I am just being my own true self – bossy. ;p

I think it is important that we don’t try to be someone who we are not. But then, a good friend of mine did point out that if the MIL is the purse holder, I might tone down and be a little more docile… True.

However, this does pose a question in my mind. How long can one hide their true nature without bursting into flames ? All the pent up energy will surely blow up, right ? Or maybe it is just me.

As for my MIL, she definitely starts showing her true nature more during this trip. So far, it is nothing over the top. Just little quirky habits here and there. I guess everyone have a little bit of those. And every family have their own quirky habits. In fact, i think i like her better this way. Previously, it was always nice and polite.. which is a little annoying to me since I am always so bossy… it makes me feel like I am the bad guy all the time. ;p

Conclusion, if she has to bear with my overbearing nature, I’ll bear with whatever quirkiness she has. it’s only fair, right? ;p

Don’t get me wrong. I do love her. 🙂