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Chulet very excited this morning. She will be heading for her first REAL long holiday after a long time.

Previously, all traveling are mainly for work. So, it is not the same. This is FULL-on holiday !! Hallelujah !! Melbourne here I come …!!

At 8am, I rush of the work. (YES – i still have to work at least half-day today T__T). I was busy planning what me and hubs could do in Melbourne. And then, I started to realize many activity is out-of-question since (i just remember) my MOTHER-in-LAW will be with us in this trip. Well – to be fair, my mom will also be coming.  So, no – it’s ain’t going to be just us two lovebirds. The thought of going off and facing my MIL for the whole 2 weeks is kinda freaking me out. I mean, I would wake up to see her right till the sun set !

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a sweet thing. Always ensuring others’ comfort and happiness above hers. But then, there are times when she gets a tad bit overprotective over her son / my hubs. (blehh…) But, to be fair, I think all mothers babied their son. I don’t met up with my MIL very often. Maybe 2-3 times a week. Hence, it has always been sweet and polite every time we meet (too civilize if you ask me ;p). well – there are a few things here and there which irks me.. but, it’s perfectly normal since no one can’t please everyone anyway… and we did have a very different upbringing  (hubs and me). But, overall, she has been very kind and friendly to me. but then, You know how it is that you always put on your best behavior with strangers ? and only show your true color with family?

So, you would understand why I am nervous. I hear so much horror MIL story . Do I finally get to learn the REAL person my MIL is?

I guess I’ll never know until the trip.

Our flight leave this evening… Wish me luck.