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Chulet wanted to write and share her experience about wedding planning. However, never got around to it… until now. :p

She’s officially happily married now. Hubby is safely trapped in her spiderly web. MUAHAHA… and he have no where to escape… Hehehe…

Chulet’s very lucky as hub is a great sweet kind lovable guy. Ok ok … enough about the gushing. Back to serious business.

So, what about wedding planning?

I’ll try to split this into a basic summary page and then, will write more about each stage later… Bear in mind… this is MY own experience and is no way a professional guide. Remember, it is your wedding after all… Wedding planning is FUN.

Marriage on the other hand… is another subject all together.

I opt to keep this post strictly on Wedding planning. Let’s begin… (I’ve separate it to 6 sections)

What do you do after he proposes?


You need to answer him… YES or NO !!

This may seem silly, but, seriously this question is really tough. Don’t let ‘the moment’ blind you. IF he took the effort and courage to ask, you (female) need to think if this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. (Imagine waking up to see the same guy everyday till death do you part)

If you say NO – you need not read further. I applaud you for your bravery and pray you’ll find someone who you can really love. J

Proceed if you say YES


Decide on your budget and prepare check-list.

Pull in all your resources (your parents / his parents)

** Allow yourself some room to tolerate +/- 10% (remember, to keep it real and prioritize)


Decide on a DATE(s).

–        Date you to officially seal your marriage (registrar of your country)

–        Date for all the dowry giving / gift exchange (for some customs)

–        Date for the morning bride collecting (mainly Chinese custom)

–        Date for ‘THE’ dinner / Reception

For Chinese custom, there might be need to seek a specialist in giving good dates which match the bride & groom’s birthdates.


Confirm your booking for those which you need it on that day. Meaning, you cannot change it to another day and you need that person there.


Photographer (Actual Day)

Make-up Artist

Religious officer


Additional frills which you would like to throw in to make it SPECIAL

Wedding Rings

Wedding dress / evening gown / Bridal party attire

Pre-wedding Photograph / Bridal House

Custom made wedding invitation card (Not the mass production type)

Venue Decoration


Favours for guest

Wedding Cake


Caterer (if the venue doesn’t provide food)

Liquor (if you plan to serve)


Guest list

Appoint suitable person for roles / responsibility on the day

Pampering Session (me, me and me time)



After several months of planning, the wedding day comes and goes… And, another chapter of your life begins… and this time, it has no deadline / expiry date. I would like to introduce you to marriage.

Happy planning.