Continue from where I left off.
The shampoo definitely smells great !!
How should I explain this? Whenever I walk out after my hair appointment after a good wash and dry, there’s this great smell on the hair.
sounds weird? Basically, I would definitely place this range under the ‘salon’ range hair product such as redken, paul mitchell, kadus and etc. type.
Definitely in a whole different level if compare to the Kao other shampoo ‘Feather’.

Anyway, this shampoo definitely makes me think that I have just walked out from the salon. The conditioner is really thick ( I LOVE this type of conditioner).
This are the really good type as the conditioner actually really nourish the hair. Watery conditioning ( in my opinion only) is just a waste of money and time. Basically, it doesn’t really do much for the hair’s health. Only creating a feeling that your hair is being conditioned but basically it is just making it easy to comb.

Overall, I would definitely rate this product 5+1/10. The plus one is because this is specially formulated for Asian hair! (Yes – I am bias ;oP)
Now, the additional 2 points will heavily depends on the price range. If it falls between RM 40-50 for the 500ml, I would say it is reasonably price.

The missing 2 point ?
One is because I don’t really like the color of the bottle.
Since the product itself is already ‘gold-ish’ in color, I think a matt-ish transparent bottle would be cool.
As for another one point? I am just stingy. heheee… ;o)