Chinese taboo dictates that you only inform people of the good news after your 3rd month / start of your 2nd trimester.

For me, I was really weary about telling because we were still going thru limbo on the bleeding issue. It was not so much about the taboo but more of the feeling what if I need to inform everyone about the bad news later? I know it was very pessimistic but, I was just too emotionally drained that time. So, the sharing was kept to super minimal.

The first few people you would definitely have to share the good news with are with your own family and hubby family members. Aside from them, it is really a personal choice who you wish to share with.

You might want to share it with your close girl friends (it will be even better if they are already mother’s themselves) so that you can get advice and moral support. Sometimes, the girl friend does a better job at comforting a new mother than your husband. LOL. The poor hubby probably don’t understand what you are going thru and wonder why his sweet loving wife is turning into an emotional crying pot one moment and a starving bear the next.

Now, what about your boss? This might be a bit tricky. Personally, I would say go ahead and let your boss know because then they will be more understanding if you need to go for your medical check ups or like in my case, a month of bed rest!!! But then, I have heard cases where the boss re-evaluates any promotions / projects distribution when they know about the pregnancy.

Not that I blame them. One boss did highlight that they are worry if the person might not be able to cope with the extra work / keep up the performance during the pregnancy and then after returning from maternity. (it really depends on the job you have). They had to be fair to all the other staff as well. So, you really have to judge this yourself.

At the end of the day, it is your news. You have the right who you want to share it with. You can keep it all to yourself, or make a shout out in facebook. It’s really your choice. Announcement   P.S. I’m now mother of a beautiful healthy baby.