Wow… time flies. 2013 has definitely speed by in an alarming rate. From chatting with many different people (young and old), everyone seems to feel this way. There’s a saying that when you are having fun, time flies… I wonder if I was having too much fun in 2013?! Hm… these are some of my top 10 best memories / moments for 2013

1) My mum accepted Christ!!! (Praise the Lord !)

2) Mini short romantic holiday escape with hubby.

3) Witness to my baby brother’s ROM

4) Witness my good friend’s marriage and the birth of his baby boy. 🙂

5) 2 of bff giving birth to their precious baby girl (just a few months apart from each other)

6) Went for a really nice and long holiday in Melbourne with hubby. Manage to catch up with my siblings and cousins whom I miss alot alot !

7) And, catching up with my precious bff in my Melbourne days. It’s not easy having ALL of us gathered back in Melbourne for a reunion. It was a blast !

8) I definitely had a lot of work-related traveling done in 2013. Went to several countries and cities which is a first for me…very interesting and challenging.

9) Dine and Wine at some really AMAZING places. (doesn’t always means expensive… sometimes, real treasures are those which are hidden. And, I’m in a debate with myself most of the time if I should blog about it or… hug is close to my heart for a wee bit longer… decisions decisions)

10) Being Alive, Happy and Healthy. Spending quality time with my family and love ones.

Maybe I have… LOL. I am really thankful for the abundance of blessing from God. Thank you Lord.

Christmas Market in Lille, France

I can’t believe it’s now 2014. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for me this year.

So, Happy New Year to everyone. May the Lord bless everyone with good health and joy for the years ahead…

Chinese New Year in 29 days !!! woo hooo….. Horsie year – here I come. 🙂