Read an article today… Long story short,

It’s about a very smart young grad applying for manager position. Pass all interview thru to the final. Last one is with the Director of the company. Ask about his background and learn that he is brought up by a single mom who does washing for a living, and, admitted that he never help his mom (as his mom wants him to concentrate on his studies).

The Director request he go home to clean his mom’s hand and come back the next day to see him. Young Grad happily agreed. Went home and clean his mother’s hand. Shock by the lines and bruises. And teared when saw how much pain his mother felt even when he wash her hand with water. Helped his mother to finish up the washing for that day.

Went back for interview, and things he learn

1) To appreciate (no mom = no successful son)

2) To understand difficulty / suffering (the suffering of the mother to wash)

3) To value relationship (over monetary / materialism)

He was hired because the director is looking for someone who would be a team player, appreciate others help and not put personal goal / benefit over others.

This story reminds me of a verse.

” O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand” – Isaiah 64:8

It reminds me how God (like the mother in the story), is constantly doing so much for us. Sometimes, we do not recognize the good intention God have for us. And, we do bad / wrong things. It’s like the tiny stone in the clay, it cuts. And, in a way, this hurt God.

But, God never leaves us. He continues to mold us to be a better person. Thank you Lord.