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The last time I went jungle trekking was probably when I was in high school (which is more than 15++ years ago!!!). So, when my oversea friends who were visiting Malaysia expressed their interest to do jungle trekking, I was excited and weary at the same time.

Excited because it was different from the norm. Most Malaysian are guilty of bringing the visiting guest to eat in practically all our favorite food / restaurant during the short 3 or 4 days here.

Weary because I am not as young as I used to. And, the only exercise strenuous exercise I do is vacuuming and mopping floor at home (which is also not very often). Another reason is the blood sucking leeches!

Awana offers 2 interesting jungle trekking trail, the Nature Trek (1.8km – an hour plus at RM 30/pax) or the Ecotrail (3.8km – 3 hours at RM 75/pax).

Guess which I convince everyone to take? Hehehe.. Yes – shorter one, of course!!!

It was really tiring at certain part but overall it was a very pleasant experience (aside from the one I walked into a low branch… and got bitten by a leech. Sob sob sob)

Look how FAT this little guy got… T_T so pain…