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 After weeks of chaos at work and life, I was feeling a bit burnt out. Hub decided to give me a mini-retreat for my birthday this year. Aww.. so sweet of you dear. Thanks !!!

 He made reservation for us to stay over at Shangri-La (Shang) hotel in KL. I know some might think it’s silly to stay over in a hotel when your own bed is only 30 – 35 minutes away. But, it was the best retreat for me. It was close enough for us to rush back in case of any emergency (so – i won’t fret during our getaway) and yet it was still an escape from our normal routine life. I like that there’s no rushing to airport or sitting in the car for hours getting to the destination.  

When that weekend arrived, we drove to Shang. Hubby did the check-in while I absorb the small feeling of freedom. The guy in the reception propose to us an upgrade at a small fee (well – not that small actually) to the horizon club level. He was kind enough to show us the club level and not pushy for us to feel like it’s a marketing talk. Since it was for my birthday, hub decided to take on the package. I was glad we took the horizon club package. So, the overall stay was about RM 600+ 


Once we agree to the upgrade, arrangement were made to transfer us to another room in their system. While waiting for them to send our luggage to our room, we decided to head down to the club. It was a nice comfortably sized lounge area. Since it’s about 3 pm, they are preparing for their daily afternoon tea. The counter was filled with mini snacks and sweet-treats.


After we finish our tea, we head back up and hub notice that they placed a box of chocolate cake on the table. I was so touch and thank hub. Hub admits that he didn’t request for a cake and he was impressed by the thoughtfulness of Shang’s staff. (Lucky for him since I might throw a big fuss about not getting a cake from him)


However, we were surprise that our luggage was not delivered to us. So, we call down to check. Me being the worry-wart wanted to head downstairs and start searching for it myself. When we arrive to lobby, we saw one of their staff pushing our luggage towards to lift. We told him it was ours and he say he is sending it now. So, we happily follow him back upstairs. When we arrive, he turn to another direction and we told him our room is over on the left. He was surprise as his note says another room. And then, we found out that he was supposed to deliver it to another person (with the same surname) in another room on the same floor as us. Anyway, I was just glad I decided to run down to find our luggage or else, we might have to wait longer while they try to locate our bags in another person’s room. (Imagine if the person is out and never did return to their room to notice it’s not their bag!) Anyway, that aside, we were still bask in the happiness of the cake and shrug off the luggage incident. 

After showered and getting ready, we head back down to the club and enjoy their evening cocktail before heading out for our dinner. During the evening cocktail, they serve some hor d’oeuvres and also all the cocktails / alcoholic beverage you can drink! Some of the guests are happily enjoying their beer while watching ESPN.


The next morning, we have the option to either have our breakfast in the club or head to the Lemon Grass café in lobby. Hub decided to go Lemon Grass since it has more option and it would be a nice change of environment. It was definitely a good choice. The place was packed but we were quickly shown to our table once we register our room number. There were so many things to choose from and I was so excited to dig in. The only thing which tasted a little weird to me was their waffle. In fact, it smells a little rotten and sour-ish. So, I decided to not eat that. When the waitress comes to clear our plate, I told her that I think the waffle is a little off just as a passing remark. Hub and I went around selecting things we like to try.

When we decided to leave, I saw a guy (in Shang’s uniform) strolling purposefully toward our direction, following behind him was a chef carrying a plate of something. It didn’t strike me that they were aiming at us until both of them stand next to our table. We look up and the guy told us that he was sorry to learn that we didn’t enjoy the waffle and the chef place another plate of 2 piece of waffle in front of me. It was very nicely decorated with huge strawberries and 3 plates of sauce on the side. WOW… WOW. I asked the chef if there was a reason for the waffle and he told me that it could be because they added too much yeast in their previous batch and they apologises. ** for a minute there, when they were coming close to our table, I have this flases of image where the chef demands what is wrong with his waffles and force feed me – abit like the chef who was offended in ‘my name is kim sam soon’ ** When I told hub later, he laugh and say i’ve been watching too much Korean drama. aih…aih.. ;p

wow…. I am still very impressed by them as I am typing this post. It is definitely not expected since I didn’t make a big fuss or demand to speak to the manager. It was just a simple casual remark made to the waitress. (If you know the level of service in Malaysia, you would understand why I am impress). If this is inEurope, I would have accepted it as the standard and requirement. But it is so rare to find it here. It is sad – I know, but, even tough we Malaysian are hospitable lots, majority of the service industry in our country is seriously lacking.

Since we are not due for check out until 4 pm (part of the package was late check-out), I harassed hubby to go shopping with me. We drove to pavilion and spend some time there. Oh yeah – forgot to mention that hotel parking is complimentary for guest. After that, we head back to rest and watch some DVDs (which we can loan from the club). I was happily enjoying my catnap and lazing around not doing anything. Their bed is really nice and firm (the type I love), but, the best hotel bed I ever slept on is still the Fairmont Hotel in Singapore. Before we ran off, I manage to take a last bite at the yummilicious bitter chocolate macaroons.


It was definitely a GREAT weekend retreat.

I love it. Thank you so much dear!!!