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The last time I went to Kuching was in 2004 and it was for work. So, it doesn’t really count. You don’t really see much when you are on business travels. The only thing you see are office rooms, meeting hall, restaurants nearby the factories and the airports. 

Hence, I count this as my FIRST trip there. Hub and I are heading there to root for dear friends of ours.

It was for a Dance production (Dance me a story) which was held in the Borneo Convention Centre. I can’t imagine the kind of stress both of them (husband and wife) must have faced in course of planning, coordinating and drafting the production. I’ll probably tear my hair out trying to organise where everyone should stand / how the lighting should be / what music to use and etc. The production was truly amazing (Big round of applause). Hub and I really enjoyed the show alot.  


Btw, they ran a dance/fitness studio in Kuching call the Studio 23. If you stay in Kuching, go check them out!!! Hehehehe… (no – I don’t get commission ;p)

Check-in was a breeze in LCCT. Scan in with my Blackberry, using their barcode scanner and off we go. Bump into Jen there and we had a good chat while we wait to board our flight. Our flight was on-time. Yay !! one can never predict with budget airlines…

The flight took about one hour 45 mins. We landed in the Kuching International airport and made our way to our friends’ place. The trip took about 15 mins (taxi was about RM 25). We later learn that to go anywhere in Kuching takes about 10~15 mins. Cab fare here seems a little steep. Every trip was hovering between RM 20-30. So, my advice is if you are planning to ran around, rent a car. It cost about RM 150-160 / day for a car (Which is about 3-4 return trip to wherever you are planning to go). A van is about RM 180-200 / day. Everything in at slower pace in Kuching compare to KL or PJ. The streets generally seem quite clear. So, it should not be too hard to drive around yourself. Our friend told us that it does have its share of traffic jams especially in the morning.

 The best part of this trip is time spend playing boardgames. I played so much boardgames within the short span of 3 days, felt alittle overdosed. hahaha… we had so much laughter and fun while playing.

Overall, hub and I had a great time chilling out in Kuching. Playing boardgames till wee hours. Most of the time, I crashed by 2 or 3 AM. The rest only crawl to bed by 5-6 AM !! crazy kids. hahaa..

Food was great (will post about it in another post) and the company was irreplaceable. You guys rock !

Thanks again A & S for your warm hospitality and loaning us your beautiful home as our crash pad!  

BTW, when you enter Kuching, they give you this little slip of paper which you need to sign on and return to them on the way out. Don’t lose it. I couldn’t find mine and friends told me that I will be penalise with a fine. So, when I went into the custom counter. I was praying so hard. Thank GOD he just wave me in !!! Thank God indeed !!! Lesson learn : any important small piece of paper – pass to hubby to keep. hehehee…