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Thanks to a great friend – Lyn for introducing hubs and me here for dinner. A quaint little shop tuck away along Nordstrasse in Dusseldorf, Germany. If you have not been looking, you would have easily walk pass this restaurant.

Once we are in, we were greeted warmly by the owner as Lyn knows him and also she speaks perfect German. Luckily, the waiter there could also speak English. Hence, hubs and I actually went back to this same restaurant 3 times during our 2 weeks stay in Dusseldorf.


Some of the dishes we tried

 Tomato brochette – toasted crispy bread with freshly chopped tomatoes drenched with olive oil (heavily scented with the black olives. Best I ever had.


Goat cheese salad – it’s ok. Not exactly my cup of tea. But some would love it for the strong cheese taste.


Grill prawn Salad – love the lightly grill freshness taste of the prawn sprinkled with dash of paprika and salt for flavor.



Stuff Chicken breast with some cheese (I forgot) – hence, you know it was not a very memorable dish to me.

Now, for the highlight of the evening. The grill Entrecote – Oh la la… It is definitely the BEST steak I ever had (till date: Oct 2010)

The meat was done to perfection for medium – look at all the juice. Meat was well marbled so each bite was amazing and bursting with BEEF ! This was the main reason why i return back to this restaurant for 3 times. :p


For those of you who are around Dusseldorf area, why not drop by this restaurant and give it a try.


Casa Gustosa

Nordstrasse 29


Tel. 02 11/9 54 23 97