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Continuing from my previous post, section one explores a little deeper about what you should do after he / she proposed.

Chulet and hub know each other as friends for many years before developing tender feelings for one another. It was a surprise to us as well many of our friends. ;p

Chulet remember how one friend was so shock when seeing us holding hand for the first time.. hehee.  So, like many couples out there who have been dating or friends for a long time, you think you know the other person very well. And yet, we hear so many sad story about marriage breaking down after. Why?

Chulet is no relationship expert but some her little observation, people change. Couples didn’t grow at the same pace or individual goals / objective in life changed. In this case, how do we know if the person you are dating is the person you will want to have the till-death-to-us part package?

Initial stage of relationship is always sweet and each person will always put on their best behaviour. The girl will ensure she’s always well dressed, gentle, sweet and ‘allowing the guy to have as much space’ as he wants. The guy will open doors, remember special dates (even one month anniversary), birthday, flowers, chocolates, movies.. and etc. ;p

But, it will be DIFFERENT after marriage.

It is then, that both of you come down from cloud 9 and get to know the REAL-DEAL of each other.

Some nasty habits like letting out fart will starts surfacing. (I’ve check with many married couples.. it happens… hahaha.. so, don’t deny it) When you are able to do that in front of the other person, it does show a comfortable and stable relationship. Disgusting as it is, Chulet thinks it is kind of one of the measurable gauge on how close the 2 of you are with each other. ;p

So, guy / girls… please know that YES – your bf / gf do Fart !! and sometimes – it can be the NASTY-silent-killer type. ;p

Will you be able to laugh it off? Will you be able to still hug each other and bear it? 😉

When Chulet and her hubs thought of getting married, many questions start forming in our head. After some research and much discussion, we decided to ‘invest’ in our relationship.

We spend long hours goggling, talking to friends and family. Finally, we decided to join a marriage preparation course ran by a group of passionate people to help build solid and strong foundation for marriages in Malaysia. Chulet will not go into details about the course here.. but readers can check it out here


Both of us learn a lot of things about each other which we would have otherwise not discussed during the courting stage. At least we know the real-deal about each other before taking the walk down the aisle.

So, how well do you think you are ready to settle down? Remember, wedding is just an event. When it is done and over with, are you truly ready to spend the rest of your life with your chosen partner?

If your answer is yes, congratulations…

If it is not, maybe it might be better to give each other more time, to continue the courtship and get to know each other better. J

Till the next post…